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Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand

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Purelight's UV Wand will Save You About $208/year over Other "AA Battery" Operated UV Light Wand Unit. Furthermore, It is Safer to Use and Built to Last Longer. We provide you the research to make your decision easier.

What is Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand?

Purelight is an Ultra Violet (UV) device designed to effectively and safely kill all types of germs, not just dust mites. The Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand is portable and could be use as a hand held or place on a stand. It could be used at home, office, hospital, school on any surface or place.

It is a must need product in our ever increasing inter-twine community with global travel being easier. It is extremely effective against getting rid of diseases such as SARs, MRSA or commonly known as SuperBug. Certified test results have determined that Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand could eliminate up to 99.99% of these deadly bug.


Purelight XD
Competitor #1
Competitor #2
The first and original UV Light Wand.
Hold US Patent on the Design.
Patent Does Not Expire Until 2014.

May be infringing on Enputech's design. Design is much different and smaller.
Lab Testing Documented and Certified by Reputable Institutions. Proven to work effectively and safe to operate. Please see below for documentation.
Claims to kill 99.99% of all germs but do not provide and documentation from certified 3 party testing proving that it is effective and safe to use. Could be emitting cancer causing UV-A and UV-B rays.

Does not provide any documented lab testing proof.
UV Filter
Most advance filter in the group. Filter manufacture was not compromise. Cost of production per unit is $55. The materials used to build the filter is not cheap.

Furthermore, it filters through only 1 specific UV-C ray (253.7nm) which has the best effect on sterilizing germs.

Filter is design to focus rays in one direction for effectiveness and safety reasons. Ray does not disperse in all direction through filter.
Cost of production is $5 per unit. Cost of production is much cheaper than competitor #1 because it is smaller.
UV Coverage Wavelength 253.7nm (Ozone Free). Special filter was design to target this wavelength because it 253.7nm has the best effect on destroying the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses.
Does not specify specific wavelength. State that it utilizes UV-C rays. If filter is not constructed properly, it will emit cancer causing UV-A and UV-B rays. There's no quality assurance seal to assure consumer that it will work as advertised.

Does not state that it's light utilized only a specific ray. Meerly provide education about UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C light rays.
Lamp Wattage 8 Watt UV Lamp 6W DC Lamp

4Watt DC UV-C

Lamp Life 15,000 hour (about 2X longer) 6,000 to 8,000 hours Does not state.
Battery / Adapter (Power Supply) Rechargable DC Unit. Just simply plug it into an electrical outlet. 4 X AA batteries. 4 X AA batteries
Battery Operation Max 60 minutes. Charge time is 3 hours. Unit's effectiveness could be quickly recharge with an electrical outlet.
Power is dependent on AA batteries. Effectiveness decreases as AA batteries life get older.

Base on our experience, the AA batteries will work effectively for about 2 to 3 hours. Cost of 4 "AA Batteries" will be about $4 each.

$4/2hours x 2hours/wk x 52wks/yr = $208 a year to operate.

Power is dependent on AA batteries. Same as competitor #2.

Length: 20.9 inches
Width: 3.15 inches
Height: 2.36 inches

Length: 20.75 inches
Width: 2.75 inches
Height: 2.25 inches

Length: 10.4 inches
Width: 2.2 inches
Height: 1.5 inches
Plastic Casing Durable Plastic Doesn't feel as durable. More likely to break. Plastic feels cheap and not as durable.
Manufactured In
South Korea and the USA.
Quality Standard in Korea and the USA is much stricter than Taiwan or China. It is built to last longer and have less problems.

Taiwan Taiwan
Warranty 1 year 1 year Does Not Specify or None
Certificate of Excellence Award

Garner Awards from many countries and institutions such the United States, Italy, Japan, France, Korea to name a few.

Does not provide documentation and state any claims about the quality of its product. N/A
Manufacture Support
Enputech has a corporate office in the USA. US Corporate office is:
120 Sylvan Ave, Suite 301
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Only distributor sites here. Manufacturer is in Taiwan. If there's problem, it's harder to fix. Only distrubitor site in USA. Manufacturer is in Taiwan.
ISO 9001 Quality Certified Yes. Has passed strict quality assurance standard. Documentation provided below. No mention. No mention.
Purelight UV Sterilization Wand Picture

What germs or diseases can Purelight UV Wand prevent or protect you against?

Practically all germs, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal in nature.

Below is a list of some diseases this UV Wand could be use to eliminate. With some of these diseases, if you catch them, there are no cure for them. Some disease or germs, such as MRSA or commonly known as SuperBug, are antibiotic resistant. Meaning that they can not be kill by antibiotics or there are not antibiotics for them.

However, Purelight can destroy them and help you prevent, control, or totally eradicate them. Purelight UV Wand will destroy their RNA or DNA so that they can not regenerate or grow.

Below are a list of diseases or bug that Purelight will get rid of:

MRSA (Super Bug) - Look at the Report. Click Here to download Purelight Test Results on MRSA. File is in MSWord format.
Dust Mite
Spider Mite
Purelight will destroy the DNA and RNA of any bacteria or virus.

Purelight UV Wand can kill germs when antibiotics can not. Help prevent dozens of bacerterial, viral, fungal related diseases.

Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand Eczema Acute

Watch customer's testimony:

Where it can be used for?

Below are great places that the Purelight UV Wand can be used:

bed/mattress (2 million germs and spider dust mites)
blanket (20,000 germs)
kitchen (according to many studies, the kitchen is the most germ infested place in the house)
bathroom (especially old bathroom towel where there have been report that some people had contracted the "superbug" bacteria.)
carpet (50,000 germs)
desktop (2nd most germ infest place)
computer keyword
locker room (recently been in the news where people have been catching "superbug")
in areas where your pets live
wallet (studies have proven this is contains the most germs)

The above list is not an all inclusive list. The Purelight UV wand can be practicely used anywhere there is Germs.

Is it safe?

Yes! Enputech's Purelight UV Wand have spent a lot of time and money to build an advance UV filter that specifically targets bacteria, viruses, etc at just one particular wavelength in the UV light spectrum, which is 253.7nm. The 253.7nm wavelength is the most effective in sterilizing germs. Furthermore, the UW wand filter was also designed and rigorously tested to shoot out UV rays where it is pointed. It will not indescriminately disperse the UV rays in all directions. Without this advance filter, any UV device would be dangerous to human and would not be effective in killing germs.

Enputech's product are backed with certified testing for results and quality assurance for product reliability. Below are documented proof. Any imitation are not legitmate and could be dangerous to use.

Why Choose Enputech's Purelight?

Enputech have been in business for over 5 years. They were the first company to produce this technology and hold the patent for this technology. This product has garnered many awards of excellence from many reputatable institutions from many countries, including the United States.

Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand Certification

Advantage of Purelight:

1) Utilizes UV-C Rays

Below is a brief synopsis of UV-C:

UV-C ray has the best sterilizing effect on germs. The UV-C wavelength specifically destroy bacteria, viruses, and other bugs. Other UV rays are much more harmful to human and are the cause of some medical issues, such as skin burns, skin aging, and skin cancer. Below is a list of the different classes of UV rays.

UV-A (Wavelengh 320~400 nm) can cause skin aging and eye damage.
UV-B (Wavelength 280~320 nm) can cause red spot in human skin.
UV-C (Wavelength 100~280nm) has strongest sterilizing effect and safer on human.

2) The patented filter screen is the most important part of the device.

The company has spent a lot of time and money to design this very important component to filter and directly target only a specific UV-ray, 253.7nm. It is patent and any imitation will not be as effect than Enputech's Purelight UV Sterilization Wand. Other imitation could be hazardous to use because it may not have been developed properly or put through a strict quality control standard. Therefore, it may not filter out harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Enputech technology is ISO9001 certified, which means that it has pass the toughest international quality assurance standards:

Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand Cert9001b
Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand Cert9001a

The technology from Enputech is patented which mean that no one can copy. The filter is the most advance in the industry and will filter out other more harmful UV rays to human.

Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand Patent
Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand Patent2

3) Enputech's technology have been rigorously lab tested and certified by many respectable instutions from many countries.

Enputech's technology works as advertised. A lot of money and time had gone into research and development to build the perfect filter. The results have been certified by many organization all around the world.

Click Here if you could like to see Purelight's 3rd Party Test Results

Anyone can produce a similar product, but will not have the same lab tested proven result that Purelight can deliver. Furthermore, the inability to block out or direct harmful UV rays will be hazardous to your health.

Below are certificate of excellence that purelight has garnish by many well respect and notable institutions from all around the world:

Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand report1Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand report2
Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand report3Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand report4
Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand report5Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand report6

4) Again, we want to re-enforce the importance of the filter because this is the most important part of the UV wand device.

a) Single Wavelength

Our filter blocks the other hazardous wavelengths and only emits the light wavelength 253.7nm, which has strongest sterilizing effect.

b) No Ozone generation

Our filter blocks the wavelength below 200nm which generates Ozone killing human lung cell.

c) Blocking visible light

Dust mites stay at bed surface until death because the filter blocks the visible lights making dust mites moving in.

d) Focusing on target

Our filter makes the light focus only on target, which strengthens sterilization effect and blocks light spread to human.

e) Protection of lamp

You can find how much filter is important in UV wand. Purelight-XD is unique one which has adopted filter.

How to operate Purelight's UV Wand?

It is very simple to operate. Just press a button to turn it on. You could hold UV wand over a target or set it on a stand.

What is included when you purchase Purelight UV Wand?

1) UV Wand with the UV light bulb.
2) a very solid case - to protect the UV wand unit
3) rechargeable battery unit
4) safety filter blocking hazardous UV-B light.

Note: Everything is easily replacable if the unit wears out.

Software and Beyond's Business Relationship with Enputech

Enputech has fully endorse Software and Beyond as one of their main distributor of Purelight UV Wand. As such, we are able to deliver today if you order today and offer this fantasic product at this low price.

Due to the fact that there are no other technology that comes close to the Purelight UV wand in killing dust mites and other harmful germs, the demand for Enputech's has been extremely high. This product is unique and hard to find. Howeve, we are one of their biggest being one of the larget distributor for this product and we can guarantee delivery and the price advertised today is guarantee.

In addition, you will be guarantee support from the manufacture if you order through us. Just send us an e-mail and we will take care of it for you. Being the top distributor will guarantee that we get a response immediately from the manufacturer.

Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand
Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand
Tripod for PureLight UV Wand
Tripod for PureLight UV Wand
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $50.00

Tripod Head
Tripod Head
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $15.00

Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand
Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand
Regular price: $279.00
Sale price: $175.00

Tripod for PureLight UV Wand
Tripod for PureLight UV Wand
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $50.00

Tripod Head
Tripod Head
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $15.00

Purelight UV Wand 3rd Party Test Report
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